What is Forex and What’s the Big Deal?

Why is Forex so Popular


Forex has piqued my interest for the last 2 years but it took me until January 2017 to actually stop to learn more about this market

Fast forward to March 2017, I had no choice but to make this my full-time source of income due to some ‘real life’ situations I won’t go into.

The point is, until life pushes you off a cliff, some are not willing to create the change they want to see! I’ve had this in me forever but was too Comfortable!

I knew my purpose long ago but didn’t know how to present it! God works in mysterious ways. It’s my season to share. I just want to continue to do better so I can help others become better!

I’ve lost a lot in this market but my GAIN$ have been far greater! The losses have been worth it b/c I learned what not to do moving forward. I’m still learning. It’s only been 5 months but I can honestly say my 1st $10k month was April 2017

My losses were to help alleviate losses for others in the future! This doesn’t go just for #Forex! It goes towards everything I know about making money online over the years!


HERE to learn more!?Don’t Forget! Sharing means You Care and I appreciate the Love!

Please keep in mind that these opinions are from MY POV!


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