7 Quick Hair Styling Tips To Save Time!

7 Quick Hair Styling Tips To Save You Time!

We all just want to just want to roll out of bed looking as flawless as Beyonce’ but get over it! You’re not Queen Bey, K!

Either way check out hair stylist Lauren Thompson’s Quick & Easy hair tips that will get you looking FLYher in no time 🙂

Before a WorkoutNo one should have to choose between good hair or a good workout, but it happens. One study shows that 40 percent of African-American women have skipped a workout due to hair-related issues. But a great workout doesn’t have to lead to a bad hair day if you’re strategic about your style before you break a sweat. Try these two-second tips.

1. Choose the right hair tie.

Hair Styling Tips: Hair Tie

One of the easiest ways to extend your style through a workout is to opt for a better hair tie. “I like the bracelet-type hair bands that look like a ribbon,” Thompson says. “They won’t dent your hair like other hair ties.” Try a metallic option like Emi Jay metallic 5-pack ($5.50, emijay.com), which look just as stylish in your hair as they do on your wrist.

2. Try a sweat-soaking headband.

Hair Styling Tips: Headband

Another easy way to extend your style is to slide on a sweat-absorbing headband. “A sweatband will soak up the sweat around the hairline so it’s not absorbing into your hair,” Thompson says. We like

Lululemon’s Fly Away Tamer headband II



), which comes in seven different colors to match all of your

workout gear


Check out the other 7 tips via Hair Tips: 7 Quick Styling Tips That Will Save You Time

Lauren Thompson gives us hair envy on the reg. For more inspiration, follow her on Instagram.




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