What to do with that TAX REFUND

It’s that time of year again!

What does that mean? It’s time to form new habits and do something different.

Here are the top 3 things we suggest you can do with that Tax Refund sis!

  1. START A BUSINESS. With the new tax laws, it’s only going to get harder for those who only have a 9-5. Its time to stretch and turn that hustle or passion into some coins! Not sure where to start? If you don’t have a current side hustle or passion, look into affiliate marketing or network marketing. Check out this opportunity we found that allows you to start a business for just $1 (ONE DOLLAR)! Yes, you read that right, $1. Once you have a business idea going, get your LLC setup and apply for an EIN ASAP!
  2. LEARN A NEW SKILL. Now is not the time to think about going back to school for a degree. You’re probably one of the many people with a college degree and a job that isn’t in the same field. Not to worry and not to fear! You’re never too old or too late to start over. In reality, you shouldn’t think of it as starting over. It’s a new beginning. As the world changes at a faster pace more and more each day, it never hurts to “ALWAYS BE LEARNING”. What are your interest/passion? What has piqued your interest as of late? These are the questions you should ask yourself. The #1 skill we are currently loving is FOREX! Why? Not only is it the #1 highest paid industry and skill to have, you don’t have to sale a thing! You don’t even have to talk to people if you don’t want too. It’s the perfect skill to have that can be done with a laptop and internet connect from anywhere in the world! You can even trade on your phone! Why should you learn forex? It’s a LIFETIME WEALTH BUILDING SKILL! Check out some more info about it HERE. You should also check out Teachable.com if you already have a skillset that you would love to share with others and get paid for teaching! You can also check out other trades at Skillshare.com.
  3. REPAIR YOUR CREDIT. One reason the rich stay rich is because they are down with OPM! (Yes, Other People’s Money) Why use your own funds when you can use someone else’s for leverage? The only way to leverage other people’s money properly is by having GOOD CREDIT! If your credit is bad, don’t even think about getting a loan unless you’re okay with having to pay upwards of 20% or more on a loan and be enslaved to a monthly fee that will choke the life out of you! The only way around accessing a loan at a lower interest rate, is by having a credit score that surpasses the 700 mark. How should you go about getting your credit fixed? Well, you can either take the time (and the much longer route) to do it yourself for free or hire a reputable company to restore your credit! There are plenty of companies out there so do your research. NOVAE MONEY is a great one we love since their fees are the lowest in the industry and they GUARANTEE you a $50,000 BUSINESS LOAN! Want more info? Check them out HERE and join their Facebook Group HERE to see testimonials. If you want to speak to a rep for further questions click HERE


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