Start a Business for $1 and Boost your Credit at the same time?

New Year, New Goals, right? With the fresh new tax laws still lingering on everyones brain, now is the best time to start a new business!

Besides, why continue to build someone else’s dreams when you can build your own. Have more freedom and start an online business. Don’t know how to start a business? No worries. It’s easier than ever and cheaper than ever to start a business and increase your income.

Not sure where to start?

If you don’t have a current side hustle or passion, look into affiliate marketing or network marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote another brand or product as an affiliate and earn a percentage of the sales. You don’t have to touch inventory or provide a service for that matter. It gives you a little more time freedom than most businesses since all you do is promote and advertise. Check this opportunity out we found that allows you to start a business for just $1 (ONE DOLLAR) and repair your credit as well. The cool thing about this company is that they have a program that Guarantees you with a $50,000 Business Loan! Who couldn’t use extra cash to fund their dreams?! Go HERE now as this deal expires 1/31/18

Not interested in this particular opportunity? You can always sign up as an affiliate of Walmart,, Best Buy etc. and promote their products. Just keep in mind, with some affiliate programs, they aren’t that lucrative. You can promote a product with one of these companies and get 20 sales from sharing a link but may only get paid $0.20 – $20. Why choose a company that requires a sign up fee? Because companies like the one mentioned above provide training on how to get started with your business and their payout structure is much more lucrative. Companies that require you to pay a sign up fee also have better products, opportunities, rewards and a great company structure. If you were to get 20 sign ups with this offer you could make $400-$4000 depending on what your sign ups upgrade for.

Check out this article to see the possibilities of affiliate marketing and see how WellthyHer Jai made $30,000+ in 3 months!

Once you have a business idea going, get your LLC setup and apply for an EIN ASAP!


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