How to Download MetaTrader4 to MAC

    So you’re a diehard fan of Apple Products but you love trading Forex or even gaming for that matter.

    However, VMware like Parallel’s and Plesk is taking a load on your CPU or better yet, you haven’t been able to update your Mac to the latest OS for fear of not being able to use your current MT4 platform.

    Well your prayers have finally been answered! Crossover gives you the ability to download MetaTrader4 to your MAC!!!

    Check out the video below and follow the steps on how to install to your favorite Mac today!

    1. Download Crossover MAC updated Version

    Crossover saves you time and helps your Mac run more efficiently. Instead of having to load the entire Windows OS on your MAC, you’re now able to breeze through your MAC applications effortlessly.

    With Crossover, you are able to download Windows OS directly into Crossover to utilize.

    1. Install the Crossover Application to MAC

    Depending on your Mac and it’s version you may see the image to the left. If so, click Open.

    If your image shows a blue Applications folder & the Crossover App Logo, drag and drop the Crossover image into the blue Applications folder to begin.

    Now Crossover is installed on your MAC!

    1. Crossover Permissions for MAC

    Again, depending on the model of your MAC, you may or may not see the same images on the left. If you do, select “Move to Applications Folder” and “Ask Me Later”

    If you get a message popup that states “CrossOver can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it out for malicious software. Open your System Preference and select Security & Privacy > General tab.

    You will noticed an image of a lock in the lower left corner, click it, add your password and click the “Open/Allow Anyway” button.

    You will then see a pop up box – Click “Open”

    1. Download MetaTrader 4 Windows Version

    Now it’s time to download MT4 for Windows. The link below is from OspreyFX, my current broker.

    If you already have a broker, use your brokers platform as recommended. However, the below link will still work for you if you don’t feel like searching ☺️

    1. Install MetaTrader 4 Windows Version

    Crossover should now be opened at you will see a similar image as the one to the left.

    Click the + symbol in the bottom left corner.

    Select New Bottle and a box will appear at the top (see image)

    In the New Bottle Name section, type: MetaTrader 4 & Select Windows 10 64-bit for bottle type.

    Click “Create”

    You will see a new screen. At the bottom, click “Install a Windows Application”

    Type in MetaTrader4 & select “Choose File Installer”

    Locate your MT4 file download, (from the link above or whichever broker file you downloaded) use that for the installer and then click install.

    1. Install MetaTrader 4 Windows Version (con’t)

    Let the installer finish running

    Once you see the MT4 install screen appear, hit next and install!

    You may see a popup message that says can’t be opened. Click “Cancel”

    Note: If you see popup regarding “Fonts”, select YES

    1. FINITO! – Your Install is Successful

    You see one final message popup.

    Select “Skip this Step”

    Voila! Now you can finally $ecure the bag on your Fresh new MT4 install on for MAC!

    Now that you know how to install Metatrader4 on MacYou, please note that you have the option of utilizing CrossOver for Free for 14 daysand then you will need to purchase. Use code WEALTHYHER for 25% OFF!


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